Injury Prevention Series: Strength Training For Runners for Injury Prevention

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Thursday September 21st - 7 PM to 8 PM

Join Chris Brown from EnduraFIt Training and Rehab as he takes you through a workout designed specifically for endurance athletes.  This workout will cover everything from warm up to cool down and everything between.  Learn exercise progressions and regressions to help you become a stronger athlete.  Bring a foam roller and resistance bands if you have them, if not, some will be provided for you.  The clinic is free but an RSVP is requested.

EnduraFit Training and Rehab, LLC. is owned and operated by Chris Brown, CSCS and Alicia Brown, MPT.  Located in Hollis, NH, EnduraFit offers in-home and online strength training, injury prevention and mobility techniques as well as Physical Therapy consulting and manual therapies.

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