Recess Run

Join us on Tuesday September 15th from 6pm-7pm in Lincoln Park!

RSVP - the event is FREE but we want to know how many folks for planning. 

Let's take it back to your grade school days,

When you would spend hours and hours outside -- running, jumping, throwing and just having a great time without the pressure of perfecting your form or keeping track of miles. 
Games like Kick the Can, Capture the Flag and Tag were your favorites. 
Fun, friendly competition with friends was the name of the game.

In honor of The Power of Running FOR FUN! this August and September, we will be 
hosting a RECESS RUN on Tuesday, September 15th at 6 - 7 PM. The hour of fun will take place in Lincoln Park, right down the street from our store!

This event is fun for the whole family! Get ready to run and play like you did when you were a kid!
No running experience is necessary. 
If you were once a kid (or still are!) you have all the experience necessary!

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