Karhu Ikoni

Karhu created the original Ikoni using data from more than 100,000 3D foot scans captured during Fleet Feet’s fit id™ outfitting process. Designers then took that data and created a one-of-a-kind running shoe.

With a new upper and the addition of a high-volume model, this year’s edition is even better.

Designers this year built the Ikoni around an updated last, which uses even more data from 3D scans to tweak the fit slightly from the previous version.

New for the Ikoni 2020 is a slightly more rectangular toe shape that doesn’t pinch your digits at the front of the shoe. The more squared-off toe is roomier than the original model, which makes it more comfortable for a wide array of foot shapes.

Karhu then draped it in a seamless engineered knit mesh upper, which adds a little more give to let your toes splay. Pairing the refreshed last with an adaptable upper gives the shoe enough room for even wider-footed testers.

Karhu also added a high-volume option called the Ikoni HiVo. The wider fit adds another level of comfort for runners with wide, flat or all-around larger-than-average feet. But it keeps the same locked-in heel and seamless upper as the regular-width iteration.



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